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Retrofit of all ACB'S, new Transformers with Envirogel Dryer, G59 Synchronisation System in 5 Buildings for Large Software Corporation

Retrofit of all ACB’s, new Transformers with Envirogel Dryer, G59 Synchronisation system in 5 buildings for large Software Corporation

Wiremek was tasked with surveying, designing and installing a new switchboard to replace the existing switchboard. The challenge with this project was the existing cable boxes had to be retrofitted on to the new panel. The bespoke natural of the job  required a lot of careful design to get the finished product correct, for example the 208V busbars and room limitations.

The Shutdowns

The shutdowns took place between December 2014 to July 2015. Beginning with a in-depth survey of the panels so that we could fabricate copperwork to retrofit new ACB’s on to existing busbars, then install a G59 synchronisation system. As well as upgrading the HV transformer over the shutdown.


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