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Switchgear & Services

Our team's unique combination of Low voltage Switchgear and BMS technical knowledge offers a client the peace of mind for building integration between two or more disciplines inside building services

LV Switchgear Cubicle & grouped

Every switchboard is individually designed to suit our clients requirements including:

* Forms of separation: Form 2 to 4a & 4b, type 1 to 7
* Ratings: 100A to 6300A
* Design verified arrangements & Type tested assemblies (IEC 61439-1)
* Board access: Front and rear
* Cable entries: Top and bottom, entry or exit
* Mains, gen-man, auto changeover controls
* Electrical, mechanical interlocking
* Restricted, unrestricted earth fault
* Power factor correction (within Switchboard or stand alone)
* Surge protection

Thermal Imaging Surveys

We have specialist equipment as well as the technical expertise to carry out a full thermal imaging survey of your premises. This can reveal all kinds of potential problems, which can then be repaired during a scheduled shutdown, avoiding breakdown costs and production interruption during busy times.

Potential problems that can be detected include:

* Overloaded phases

* Unbalanced phases

* Bad contacts on switches or circuit breakers

* Overheating motors, gearboxes, bearings loose or corroded electrical connections

The survey will be analysed, and a report will be put together, outlining any potential problems and possible solutions. These problems can then be rectified at a time convenient to yourselves.

Switchgear Maintenance

Throughout the life span of your switchgear it is essential that it is maintained and tested to ensure it fulfils its design requirements.

Wiremek can complete spot visits or arrange annual maintenance programs including testing of all protection devices including the completion of maintenance procedures in line with manufacturers recommendations.

All site personnel are CSCS/ECS qualified and carryout works alongside industry standards and some/most of are first aid trained.

Breakdown Assistance – In the event of switchgear failure, our engineers can attend site to investigate causes of failure and help with specifying and installing a suitable solution.

Panel & Distribution Boards

Our section boards are designed to suit our customers individual requirements. Features include:

* Type tested assemblies

* Metering (with comm’s, Ofgem/MID approval)

* Auto changeover controls

* Electrical, mechanical interlocking

* Surge protection (class 1 or 2)

* Board access: Front

* Cable entries: Top and bottom, entry or exit

* Cable extensions available (top, bottom or side)

Switchgear Modifications

Wiremek can offer on-site modifications to existing switchboards from replacement of upgraded Air Circuit Breakers to specially manufactured switchboard extensions.

We can source and install any of the major switchgear component manufacturers devices and metalwork or design and manufacture purpose built switchboards to suit any existing requirements.

We work closely with our customers to ensure we achieve the solution they require while adhering to any tight deadline/shutdown requirements.


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