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Building Management System & Services

Wiremek cover all aspects of building control systems from initial design concept, installation and commissioning to your handover. We can meet your requirements, from the simplest right through to head end or remote head end controlled building management systems.

New Build

Our team can liaise with you at drawing stage to produce a quotation to building requirements for BMS at the same time as offering alternative solutions to your original design.

Our control panels and drawings are to the highest quality and with drawing records.


Maintaining a BEMS involves a variety of Stakeholders and our expertise gives us the insight to deliver your exact PPM requirements with ease.

A contractual obligation often needs to be balanced against a budget. We understand that a task or time based focus to a maintenance contract can provide the best framework to meet these expectations.

A task based maintenance contracts include a specific statement of works which are to be completed to an agreed timetable.

A time focused approach to a maintenance contract would allow the Client to define their requirements on an ad-hoc basis.

Our Clients may instruct the attending engineer to deviate from a scheduled task if their immediate priorities change.

Minor Works

Building Energy Management Systems have an expansive reach on site and interact with the majority of a building’s HVAC services.

Routine BEMS maintenance brings your assigned engineer into close contact with these services and a holistic understanding is naturally attained.

Your engineer becomes well-positioned to spot functional improvements and can propose effective ways to achieve them via the BEMS.

Our Quality Procedures dictate that the same engineer will have the skills to complete your Minor Works from estimation to handover.


Our engineers are familiar with a vast range of legacy products that the leading BEMS manufacturers have in the field.

Technology in our industry moves on and as systems exceed their expected lifecycles, clear consideration must be given to potential retro-fits and upgrades.

Our Quality Procedures state that all proposed works are developed in a controlled manner and are based on clear Customer Value.

In a retro-fit or upgrade context, we select a replacement system to appropriately balance Client expectations and delivery a robust, future-proof solution.


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