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Replacement of Main Switchboard for Large Insurance Firm in North London

Replacement of Main Switchboard for Large Insurance Firm in North London

Wiremek’s brief was to replace the existing switchboard from 1989 while keeping all existing cabling therefore requiring a bespoke panel to fit the existing foot print so that the existing gland plate will reattach on to our new panel.

The Installation

The installation took place in March/ April 2018 over the Easter weekend. Work commenced on the evening of the 29th of March, with the initial strip out of the existing switch board, keeping only the gladded SWA cables.

By midday on following day we had the existing panel completely removed and the existing gland plates with SWA cables hanging. Next, we started installing the rear sections of the our panel and reattaching the glanding plates on to our new panel. After the back sections were all installed we started installing all the ACB coppers in the rear section and began bringing in the front sections to start reassembling the next morning.

The next morning, we started putting all the front sections of the panel into the room and start reassembling the sections together.

By the end of the day, all section were in the room and mostly all reassembled along with the control wiring for ACB’s all wired up.

On the 1st of April we finished reassembling the panel, after that we terminated all the SWA’s on to the new switches and finished attaching all covers ready for testing and powering up. By early evening the panel was all tested, powered up and had all controls simulated.


The Result

  • Successful replacement of end of life switchboard
  • Completed ahead of time with day to spare.

To watch the time lapse of the work https://youtu.be/iJZKdS3cH6g


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