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Replacement of Main Distribution Switchboard for Japanese Pharmaceutical in Cambridge

Replacement of Main Distribution Switchboard for Japanese Pharmaceutical in Cambridge

Wiremek was tasked with surveying, designing and installing a new switchboard to replace the existing switchboard. The challenge with this project was the existing cable boxes had to be retrofitted on to the new panel. The bespoke natural of the job  required a lot of careful design to get the finished product correct, for example the 208V busbars and room limitations.

The Installation

The installation took place in April 2019 over the Easter weekend. Work Commenced the afternoon of  Thursday the 18th, with two teams, one began work installing the intake panel. This panel included controls for the mains incomer, generator incomer, bus coupler and UPS. (Photo shown below) This panel was finished being installed in the late evening of the Thursday. Simultaneously, team two began at the same time on the distribution panel stripping out the old panel so that we could install the new panel. Because of the requirements of the client it was requested that there would be work Continuously the whole long weekend therefore the two teams working 24 hours. By Friday morning the old panel had been completely striped out and the rear of the our new panel had been installed with all existing cable boxes and outgoing cables reinstated.

Then the front sections were installed and cables were terminated on to the new breakers, Friday evening all section had been installed, leaving only the finishing the terminations , connecting the busbar together and a few other minor jobs. By Saturday morning the panel was tested, ready for commissioning on the Sunday/ Monday.

The Result

  • The project being finished ahead of target
  • Replacement of outdated switchgear
  • Bespoke panel to meet the demands of the site

To watch the time lapse of the work https://youtu.be/I1PxQVmVjA8


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