Suffolk Police Headquaters

During the headquarter sites’ modernisation works programmes, Wiremek were approached to assist in the design, manufacture and installation of a new essential LV switchgear and a new auto mains/changeover LV panel

to replace the existing, obsolete switchgear which was unsuitable for the purposes required for a growing police force.

Access and space constraints directly affected the design of the new panels going so far as the requirement to modify the existing switchgear into a cable junction box to accommodate the new panels.  This greatly reduced the cost of the project as the existing cables were reused with only new short runs required from the old panel positions to the new panels.

All these panel modifications and panel replacements were carried out over night shutdowns and were operational once more before they were required again the following morning.  This involved strategic project management due to the severe sensitivity of the site on Wiremek’s behalf so as to tie in panel manufacture and delivery with the police so that we could deliver the project within time and butdget and with minimal disruptions to the daily workings of the Suffolk constabulary headquarters.

As part of this works the police requested that all sub-metering shall be loggable and viewable over their site wide TCP/IP intranet.  This was achieved using modbus meters interfaced through a modbus gateway and onto a monitoring package.  With this utility they have managed to pinpoint energy wastage in departments and therefore reduce energy consumption over the whole site.  The system also brought to light loading issues between phases on various circuits from which they have managed to since equalise loadings therefore putting less strain on particular phases through their UPS’s and IT rooms.

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