Samuel Ward Academy and Westfield primary school

Wiremek were approached to design, manufacture and commission a BMS system to control the heating and ventilation in the two schools. 

The heating for these two buildings is provided by a wood chip boiler situated in a remote “energy centre”. 

The BMS system of choice for this project was Centraline by Honeywell which lends itself towards total seamless integration between various protocols including but not limited to LonWorks, modbus, Mbus, Bacnet and Dali to name a few.

The completed project saw the fruition of a fully integrated BMS system with graphical interfaces to view and change setpoints and plant statuses which was available to be viewed via internet browser from any computer connected to the school network.

The project was delivered and commissioned in a very short timescale and did not go over the already tight funding available for these projects.

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